Guild Council 2

Posted on Fri 13 May 2005 in Uncategorized.


Theres been a lot of discussion about last nights GC; personally I think it was about average, although looking at it after the event I can see why a lot of people were very unhappy with the proceedings; communications from the societies about the lack of Exec’s support and negative comments were OK, but I think it would have been better to address it to Exec privately first then bring it to GC if their response was unsatisfactory; Exec’s repsonse in the matter was not at all civil or necessary - GC is where Councillors can hold Exec to account, not to be booed or be initimidated by them.

Now to the Societies Reform Motion; I applaud Megan and Stuart for putting together a very complete document and for the time and effort that has been expended by them to do so.

This is the but; I don’t believe that cutting the representation of Societies is right, not at this moment in time.

It should be that Academic GC seats are promoted and get them to a respectable level because (from Megan’s ‘yellow paper’) Academic and Society representation are about equal in terms of attendance; when Academic seats begin to significantly out number society seats then it should be looked at to reduce the Society seats {edit to remove slight confusion}.

Now Exec; quit your whining and bitching, please. I’m not experienced in GC or the Guild; I know that all Councillors would like to be treated with respect by the people who they elected to run the Guild, and when new Councillors ask questions, or make amendments, or make speeches, or post new motions, that Exec, as Members of the Guild, behave themselves. It has been said a lot, but they should know better than to submit opinion as a point of information, in a speech unrelated to the motion to attack Councillors, or to heckle speakers. We wonder why people don’t come to GC; I think its mainly due to the back biting, moaning, and general negative behaviour eminating from that side of the chamber; GC worked so well and quickly when Exec left the Chamber during reserved business.

And on a upbeat finishing note, Well Done to Craig for his superb efforts as Chair under difficult circumstances. He deserves a medal for his chairmanship last night.

Now I’ve got it all outta my system, I’m gonna get a coffee :-)