Posted on Mon 23 May 2005 in Uncategorized.


3 posts today, somethings wrong with me

OK. This afternoon was a maths exam; I screwed it up royally, so I’m gonna retake the first year (as I also screwed up a few different exams, and retaking the year isn’t as bad as it seems). This put me in a bad mood, but it lifted.

MSN. MicroSoft Network. Why oh Why (notice a theme here?) can’t they even get a Messaging protocol working? I mean, just so that it is reliable? A protocol/server system that doesn’t boot users randomly during the day? That doesn’t drop the ability to send messages but keeps the users status as “Online”? ICQ, Yahoo and Jabber, all protocols that work, with Yahoo being the closest to MSN in terms of “features” (sure the hand writing things cool, but do you really, HONESTLY need it?) but Yahoo canes MSN for reliability. I can’t remember the last time Yahoo refused to connect me due to “Error connecting; Host not responding” or boot me or drop my ability to IM other people.

God I hope MS gets a kick up the back side on all it’s business fronts so it at least produces something thats RELIABLE.