Posted on Mon 06 June 2005 in Uncategorized.


FestiVale, methinks, will be interesting.

It seems BatSoc has got a spot near the front entrance, which is gonna be good. We also got the tent put up for a test pitch, to see how things work; all worked well, I’ve no doubt I’ll think of some “improvements” during the day.

I’ve just a load of butterflies in my stomach, as it’s our first major event we’ll be doing. As the Vice-Chair and sorta responsible for the H&S stuff, knowing how daft and downright stupid people can be, I’m a little concerned and worried about what *could* go wrong. Will the tent stop up? Will someone get hurt? Will someone fall over in the “Try-the-Armour”? Too many things to think about, I have a feeling I won’t get much sleep tomorrow and be all cranky. A cranky sam is not a pleasant thing before coffee…or brekky…