Open DRM?

Posted on Tue 23 August 2005 in Uncategorized.


Just reading /. ; Sun Microsystems want the FOSS community on board to develop an open standard DRM protocol:

Called DReaM, its meant to remove vendor dependant code and be available for everyone.

Sun’s major problem, which they have missed IMHO, is that FOSS coders don’t want to code this sort of stuff, as

a) DRM’s not popular; “hey, i code for firefox, what do you code for?” “DReaM” >insert flame war here<

b) FOSS; Free / Open Source Software; Free as in Speech, free from control. DRM; restriction of when/where/how/who plays/uses/exhibits ; bit of a juxta position, isn’t it?

c) Sun will use it and sell it; they don’t seem to get that people code for the love of it, not for a company to take their work, pat em on the head and sell it.

d) what do the creative commons people think of it? Sun’s walloped their logo on the page but theres no mention of the project on the creative commons home page; perhaps Sun were hoping by putting the logo on the page people would think CC endorse DReaM?

The only people who would be interested in this would be the RIAA/MPAA/other pigopolists, to get a standard DRM to shove down consumer’s throats; MS/Apple/Real/etc get together and make a standard DRM; do you really think that any of them, especially MS, would want FOSS coders in the loop? Ah, theres Satan skating to work.

I hope this project fails utterly. I hope all DRM fails utterly. Long live the CD/cd ripper/encoder!!