America ; the land of Oppression and Greed

Posted on Sun 10 April 2005 in Uncategorized.


According to this opinion, the world, lead by the USA, is heading for economic and material meltdown.

The Great Depression of the 30’s will be a minor hiccup in comparison to the next depression; there will be no economic growth; there will be a decrease in living standards; current life styles, habits and ammenities will cease if the world follows the USA to it’s destructive end;

The USA, for all it’s military, fiscal and “moral” wealth, endangers the world.

Kyoto, International Court and other important global policies, ratified by the majority of the devloped and 3rd world, have been rejected out of hand by the USA.

Can the USA be trusted as the world “leader”?

It cannot; the USA acts in it’s own interest only. The world could and does burn to death as long as oil and other raw materials flow to the USA to keep it’s economy afloat.

The only country to exist after the next Enormous Depression will be the USA; it’s anti-global-minded position will not be beneficial to the world or to the USA, and it will only be the innocent, weak and left behind who will suffer because of this.

It is up to the world to tell the USA what is right; the USA has finished being the “moral” leader.