Exams are over

Posted on Mon 02 June 2008 in Life.

Exams are over for my third year. Just an induction on wednesday, then nothing till september/october (hopefully ;-)

So, the summer to work on Lapwing-Linux 2008 and other assorted coding projects. Excellent :)

Yeah, thats all, must get shopping and stuff done for BBQ later. Breakfast first though…

Microsoft opens as the UK closes

Posted on Fri 22 February 2008 in software.

Microsoft has made a step (ish, sorta) to providing interoperability documentation available, and supporting standards. Whilst MS finally getting its backside into gear (its only taken them 4 years to start to adhere to the EC’s ruling) is good, many many people have noted they’ve said this before …

ISP’s to watch the Net for the RIAA? Hahahahahahaha

Posted on Sat 16 February 2008 in software.

The Government white paper on disconnecting P2P users from the Net. One news outlet correctly described the proposal; toilet paper.

Why do non-technical people try to make technical decisions without first consulting the technical people? Then complain loudly its all the technical people’s fault (the government haven’t got …

samwagon is no more

Posted on Sat 19 January 2008 in Life.

… or it won’t be in a few days.

The tatters just been to take it away, and I have a pile of stuff in the corner of my room that was in the car. I can’t think how I managed to get it into the boot.

But yes …