Still not dead


I’ve been working at Argos since November as a stock assistant, still plugging away at Lapwing-Linux (still no release though) and various other bits n pieces. Nothing really to report.


Back in Lichfield

Back in Lichfield, joining the “Real World” after 5 years in uni. Trust me to pick the worst economic crisis in modern times to rejoin it.

2:2 in Computer Interactive Systems MEng. No idea how I managed to achieve that, and even less of an idea where I’m …

My timing is always off

I wrote a post over two years ago outlining what I thought would happen as the easily accessible crude oil started to run out. If current events are anything to go by, I was optimistic with my 4-5 years to the crunch.

It could happen next week.

With crude oil …

Will eventually figure out I don't have the time to write all my own software.