Microsoft decouples Vista from Longhorn

News, Washington:

Microsoft’s newest Operating System, Windows Vista [ previously Longhorn ], hit more troubles today.

The owners of the name “Vista” announced they were considering legal action against the software giant for trademark violations.

In response to this, a Microsoft spokesman this morning stated

In response to our customers’ concerns …


Great time. Hot and sticky on the saturday, hot and sticky on the sunday until the torrential downpour. Interesting getting back laden with armour, tent and a 45 degree bank to get to the car.

Also fun watching James getting hit repeatedly with foam “swords” in the childrens army; I …


FestiVale, methinks, will be interesting.

It seems BatSoc has got a spot near the front entrance, which is gonna be good. We also got the tent put up for a test pitch, to see how things work; all worked well, I’ve no doubt I’ll think of some “improvements …

Not good

All this heat’s making me loose where I post stuff. Must cool down……..ahhh nice cold beer……

Will eventually figure out I don't have the time to write all my own software.