Posted on Sat 10 September 2005 in Uncategorized.

It’s not my week for electronics.

The router dropped down dead a few days ago, so the house with 7 people in has 1 internet connection at a time. Yay. :-(

Then, whilst trying to rig up my laptop to act as a temporary router, I accidentally wiped my partition …


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Finally, after 10 hours work, got Samba to work on my server. I’m relieved that I can now have some spare space on my laptop to play with other distros and get Lapwing-Linux off the ground and into something approaching a distro.

As ever, R’ingTFM works wonders :-)

Nb …

Hurricane Katrina

Posted on Thu 01 September 2005 in Uncategorized.

It’s been hard to miss the news coverage of the biggest hurricane of the last decade.

To all the people caught in the hurricane, I offer a salute to your bravery, and heart felt apologies to those who have lost loved ones.

Open DRM?

Posted on Tue 23 August 2005 in Uncategorized.

Just reading /. ; Sun Microsystems want the FOSS community on board to develop an open standard DRM protocol:

Called DReaM, its meant to remove vendor dependant code and be available for everyone.

Sun’s major problem, which they have missed IMHO, is that FOSS coders don’t …