Posted on Mon 09 July 2007 in Uncategorized. is back up!!

Anyway, just finished watching SiCKO for the 3rd time (it takes a while for it all to sink in)

Theres just a few things I can’t get my head round;

1; You got a child who’s just had a seizure in your hospital …


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I’ve moved house. From the slug infested shed space to a large roomy house. Its a nice 2up-2down, 4 bedrooms but only 3 people (back room is an “office”) and its closer to Uni. All things good :-)

I’m also doing an MEng now, so adding another year at …

In memory of Dad

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As my brother has asked, if anyone knew Ian Bryson Black from HMS Mohawk, 10th January 1972 to 3rd March 1974, please get in touch.

Theres no time for us

Theres no place for us

What is this thing that builds our dreams yet slips away

From us

Who wants …

Tis raining this summer time

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Evening all, hope everyones enjoying the lovely british summer weather ;-)

Bus rally yesterday at Chasewater, the event where we (according to some members of the public) have the audacity to close the road to parking outside the station to allow the buses in and out.

I mean, how dare we …

Lapwing-Linux are (is?) go (sort of, ish)

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Lapwing-Linux 0.2devel ISO is available here, which can be thought of as beta0 (its stable enough to install and use, just hasn’t got everything I want in it yet)

Most people will be questioning my sanity over Lapwing-Linux and ask why the hell I’d want to do …