Lapwing’s coming along…

Posted on Mon 03 October 2005 in Uncategorized.

Lapwing-Linux has finally got off the ground, and I’m busy compiling away. I’m posting this from the CLI elinks browser, with the X server compiling in the background. Give or take a few days I should have a devel release :-)

Other than that, I’ve reorganized my room …

Please Enter your First Six Digit Number…”

Posted on Tue 13 September 2005 in Uncategorized.

Please Enter your Seventh Six Digit Number…” >clickety<

I’m Sorry, but the Number Entered is Invalid, Please Call Customer Services.”


WTF??? Yeah OK, the MicroSerf Windows Activation Line is free, but phoning on my mobile costs ME money. Why the hell do I need to ring them anyway …