Holidays now

Posted on Mon 10 September 2007 in Uncategorized.

I’ve now finished work and looking forward to having time off till the start of term in October.

Lapwing-Linux work Wednesday onward, tomorrow is my brothers graduation ceremony (with pub lunch … ;-)

Now, chasewater. I have had enough of the Chief Ape and his 3 wise monkeys. They seem to …

I love paydays

Posted on Fri 31 August 2007 in Uncategorized.

I got paid this morning, which eases my money situation right out. I can afford the rent for September and October and still have enough to live on from this pay cheque {including some Grolsch, £5 off because of the crappy weather ;-) }. Hopefully the next will do some debt clearing …

August 11th

Posted on Sat 21 July 2007 in Uncategorized.

Can someone please tell me why I have august 11th stuck in my head as an important date?

Jess’ party is around then, as is nessie’s birthday, but neither are the 11th.

I think I may have gotten confused with my brothers graduation ceremony, which is in september. Yeah …

Work work

Posted on Wed 18 July 2007 in Uncategorized.

If people suddenly find me offline for the whole day, its because I have a job. :-)

Its basic monkey work at a clothes warehouse. I think I’ll have picked up what I need to know by the weekend.

Speaking of which, theres a bigwig from the Heritage Rail Association …