Bad behaviour whitelisting, part 3

The bad-behaviour plugin has changed the whitelisting method to use an admin form now instead of either editing or using whitelist.ini.

From the changelog;

WordPress: The WordPress automatic update system destroys a user-provided whitelist.ini file, making it difficult for WordPress users to maintain a whitelist. For this reason, Bad Behavior no longer uses whitelist.ini on WordPress. Instead, a new administrative page is now available where users can manage their whitelists within WordPress.

In the Plugins > Bad Behaviour > Whitelist URL text area, enter the following to allow OpenID;





running flake8 in git’s pre-commit

I’m forever forgetting to remove debug statements or to run flake8 on my source code. Not to panic though, git hooks to the rescue!

You can just put pre-commit into $PROJECT_DIR/.git/hooks, chmod +x it and be away.

This is the useful part of the file;

ret_code=0 …; mockups

I’ve been working on some mockups for lapwing-web download application.

These are some SVG mockups made using Inkscape and JessyInk. JessyInk turns SVG files into mini presentations, in this case I’ve used the effects to fade in the comments about some design decisions.

These aren’t particularly high …

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